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Marna Scooting 2017-03-04-2017 Marna Kick Scootering 2017-03-08 Spearfish Park

If you want to HAVE Fun and Get a GREAT Work Out at the same time!, try a Scooter sometimes called Kick Bike or Kick Bicycle, or even called a Foot Bike.

You will find you can set your own speed, with your foot there to catch you even at very slow speeds, trust me, you will want to go fassssst! And you can build ever muscle in your body as well as endurance and strength ~ while having a great time. Even your face muscles will be used from all the smiling as you go.

Turquoise with Marna Scootering 2017-03-04 Texas Tea waiting to be called to work 2017-03-04]

While YOU are learning to use the Scooter, teach your dogs, as you walk it on a leash, the sled dog commands....then when the two of you have each learned well, put that together by having your dog pull you on your kick bike for some real fun!

Please visit our website for more information, training, ideas, and photos, on Dog Scootering.

Have Fun and Be Safe!

YOUR OWN SAFETY, AND YOUR DOG'S SAFETY, IS UP TO YOU! Keep in mind, it is up to you to train your own dog for this type of activity. We can not and will not be held responsible for the training you have into your dog or the Scooter you hook your dogs to, neither of which we have control over. Make sure you know how to ride the Scooter well yourself before ever hooking a well trained dog in front of it. Know that not only should your dog wear a proper Sled Dog Type Harness, you too should dress correctly.....long sleeves, pads, and a helmet...


Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2017-03-04 Texas Tea Pulling Deron Spearfish Park 2017-03-08 scooter6.jpg Texas Tea Pulling Deron on Scooter 2 2017-03-04 Turquoise with Marna Scootering 2017-03-04 scooter1.jpg

Please visit our website for more on Dog Scootering as well as how to train your dogs for the event.


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