FATTY Bicycles 4" Tires

They call them FATTY Bicycles. I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. After I test rode a few...there was no stopping it!

Fa tTire In The Snow  2014-11-14

Deron and I used to ride bicycles far and fast. When we lived in St. Louis, Mo we rode bicycle all the time, 1000 miles per season was normal for us. We were Sled Dog Drivers and loved to ride bikes. We stayed in shape riding and I trained my dogs, and kept them in shape with a Bicycle Springer Attachment. We had been talking about riding bikes here, but we live waaaay out on the Prairie. 2014 we decided to buy inexpensive bikes to see how much riding we would do.

We bought 29"ers, Genesis Mt. Bikes. They are actually very nice bikes. We had over 350 miles on ours between May and October, and we did not stop riding there. We started thinking, looking and test riding, to upgrade our Genesis Bikes.

I had seen the FATTIES and loved the look, but when I saw them in person and started test riding them.....even at Walmart, yes, an old fat lady riding FATTY Bicycles around different Walmarts. I rode both the Dolomite and the Beast, fun, but heavy...and heavy was what I was trying to get away from with my Genesis.

At Local Bicycle Shops (LBS) I rode and fell in love with the Salsa Mukluk. Then we rode the top of the line of the FATTY Trek puts out. WOW! After that, looking at Mt. Bikes, well, I wanted a FATTY. But boy the prices! They cost as much as our horses each did.

Deron and I are not opposed to buying and paying for a Good Bike and they ARE expensive in most people's eyes. We have both spent a LOT of money for good bikes. Those good bikes are in WI, still in storage from when we moved here. Thus we had to buy bikes in the first place to ride.

Marna with Tekoa Riding 2014-11-19

The cost of the FATTIES is not really what stopped us from buying one. The fact that I did not know how much I would ride one. How many miles I would actually put on one. I am old and fat and have lung issues. We used to Race Sled Dogs, but for health reasons I had to quit. So? The question is? How much real Snow riding will I be able to handle? That is why I/We hesitated on buying the FATTY.

I was so interested in the FATTY Bikes that I did a LOT of on line research on all the different brands and types and models and tires and wheels and weights and ....... I learned a lot. I really did go and Test Ride a lot of different FATTY Bicycles, even around a discount store!

I am riding mostly for my health. And my health has improved an unbelievable amount since I started riding our bicycles, I have also lost weight. So the cost? The health issue seems to cancel out using the excuse of the cost of the bicycles not to buy them. In fact, the cost of the bikes has been an investment in our health. Deron's too.

much more to come


Deron In Pogies 2014-11-22 Marna & Tekoa Ready To Ride 2014-11-19


Get out and Play
Start on Grassy Areas
Laugh and Have Fun!

Don't Overdress
Don't Underdress


Marna New Pogies 2014-11-22 Marna with Tekoa Riding 2014-11-19


And God Forbid, if you were hurt, people could find you faster in those BRIGHT COLORS!

more to come

Marna's Green  Gravity Bullseye Monster FATTY Bicycle Deron on the New Fatty with Tekoa and Raya 2014-10-30 Marna on the New FATTY Bicycle Deron on the Fatty 2 2014-10-30 Marna with Tekoa Snow Ride 2014-11-14 Marna on New Fatty 2 2014-10-30

The contents of this page for FATTY Bicycles 4" Tires is still under construction and we hope that the construction, as the ride and adventures continue on FATTY Bikes! Please check back.

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